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Sierra Nevada Mountains

14/09/2011 12:13

If you’re looking for somewhere different in Spain to visit in winter, there’s nowhere better to go than the breathtaking Sierra Neva Mountain. Sierra Nevada is a Spanish word that means snowy ranges. It is the highest point in Spain on top of sea level. The Mountain and ski resort is one of the most visited resorts in Europe and the world. It is located inside the Penibetico, thirty-two kilometers of Granada. The snow there is breathtaking and you can also enjoy skiing at night if the weather is acceptable.

For those who don’t ski, there are various recreational locations, restaurants with delicious cuisines, and other options you can enjoy. The maximum height permitted to ski in is 3.3 kilometers and the minimum height is 2.1 kilometers. Inside the resort, you can rest assured that all your needs will be fulfilled and all the services are provided. Services include various restaurants, beginner and advanced skiing classes, medical services, highly equipped skiing lifts for more than 40,000 skiers per hours, as well as artificial carefully constructed snow. If you however wish to leave the resort, don’t you worry; there are plenty of options around the resort. Options include various restaurants, photography shops, souvenir shops, modern ski equipment for borrowing or purchasing, beauty salons, hospitals, banks, and hotels. Make sure you visit the souvenir shops and pick up something from there to remind you of this beautiful place. Don’t forget that you can also visit Granada which is not that far away.  Inside the resort, there are 34 hotels with 4883 beds and 21,780 beds inside 381 accommodation units inside the surrounding area.

There are 15 ski schools with more than 400 highly professional experts that will teach you everything you need to know about skiing and assist you with any questions you have. Prices range between children and adults and depend on how many days you decide to stay. For two days, an adult pass will cost eighty- five Euros and a child pass will cost fifty-one Euros. For five days, a ski pass will cost around two hundred Euros and a child pass will cost you around a hundred Euros. There are two skiing trails, one snow park, and one competition trail. Sledging and snowshoeing slopes can also be found. Make sure you visit these breathtaking mountains when you travel to Spain; it is an experience you will never forget.

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